Just did some checking. after getting my Debian 3.0 rock solid. But can't seem to find a few things. The main thing is that I used CUPS and ghostscript in Mandrake to print in a couple programs to my Canon BJC-240. Now in Debian I am using CUPS and Gimp print. And though most programs print fine, my word perfect 8 can't use the postscript pass through printer. Well it can but after each job it spits out an extra page with some error messages. and a search can't find ghostscript anywhere on my 7 cd's, and apt-get doesn't show it either.
Also, isn't LAME included? I was hoping to use it to convert wav's to mp3's. If it's not included what do other Debian users use to convert audio formats.
Third: has anyone used the Doom packages in Debian. Have it in DOS but for other non-linux related issues can't use my dos version now. So wanna setup the linux version. I tried this in Potato with no success. Anyone have it running and what should I look out for? Other than these my Woody install tops my old Mandrake for speed/stability/usability