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Thread: today sucks monkey nuts

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    today sucks monkey nuts

    Thats right, you heard it here first. heh. Today really does suck. I have to get my engine fixed in the wifes car. Its still under warranty so, i call them up. "Hey", says I, " I have a burnt valve." SO? replies he, we dont cover burnt valves. Sure as piss, I look at the back side of my warranty, and it specifies, we dont cover burnt valves. What a crock. Its gonna cost me $800 that I dont have. Its a good price, dont get me wrong. It just sucks. :'(

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    Re:today sucks monkey nuts

    What kind of crap is that? So what else is NOT covered? Brakes, belts, electrical system, engine, muffler, transmission ...? Did you tell them where they can shove their warranty?

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    Re:today sucks monkey nuts

    Yeah I was pretty upset. On the front it says everything it covers, exhuast manifold, cylinders, head, crankshaft, yada yada yada valves, valve arms, rockers, etc. Then on the back it says, "except for burnt valves." I am so pissed off.

    Here is somehting to cheer up everone else though:

    <midi> if you find some poor idiot with his tongue stuck to the rail
    <midi> with a train coming and decide that you really don't wanna see
    <midi> him splat, a convenient source of warm mostly-clean saltwater
    <midi> is indeed your bladder...
    <midi> (or so said one of my scoutmasters...)
    <Squeedle> midi: though they might just rip their tongue off trying to
    <Squeedle> get away from a scoutmaster pulling his pants down at them
    <midi> squee: either way, he gets his tongue off the track. and if
    <midi> you're lucky, you get to piss in an idiot's face.
    <midi> it's cathartic and good karma. how cool is that?
    <Squeedle> well hey, what more can you ask for
    <hoche> o/~ hey baby, if you'll be my dog, i'll be your tree, and you
    <hoche> can pee on me! o/~
    <Squeedle> schadenfreude: A malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of
    <Squeedle> others
    <midi> which is kinda neat. you get a choice between letting natural
    <midi> selection work or pissing in the idiot's face. it's win-win.

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    Re:today sucks monkey nuts

    I'll change the valve for $600.

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    Re:today sucks monkey nuts

    [quote author=Grand Aardvark Kenshi link=board=14;threadid=4756;start=0#47361 date=1030563435]
    I'll change the valve for $600.
    [/quote]Cheap Slut!!

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    Re:today sucks monkey nuts

    What can I say? I need the money.

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