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Thread: LFS on PPC

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    LFS on PPC

    Well, I've been working on YDL 2.3, but I'm not sure it's all I've really wanted out of my Mac. I was told that some people (Gorn especially) have setup LFS on a PPC machine. If so, what is different from installing on a x86 machine besides packages?

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    Re:LFS on PPC

    Hey KK,
    As you know i'm not really a Mac guy but if you're looking to do a source based distro on it maybe check out Gentoo. I've heard alot of positive results from people on their forum. They also have PPC documentation.

    I've only done LFS on x86 and don't how it works on a mac.


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    Re:LFS on PPC

    The only diffrence that sticks out is the compiler optimization you use ... everything else is traight by the book.

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    Re:LFS on PPC

    For more info check out the LFS irc at channel #LFS, it was very helpful when I was asking around about LFS on sparc.

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    Re:LFS on PPC

    i think lfs has a ppc howto now, when i did it i didn't see one.

    a lot is the same, boot loader isn't, some programs won't compile, i had already done it on i386 so i knew how to guess. if lfs on ppc is your first it will be a little more difficult but still doable.

    do you know how yaboot/ybin work? as in able to fix them when they go wrong? i used debian when i did use a distro, and it never got yaboot/ybin working so i had to set it up myself. which at the time sucked cause debian should have done it, but for lfs helped cause i knew how to do it.


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