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Thread: K7T Turbo 2 and IDE2 channel

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    K7T Turbo 2 and IDE2 channel

    Anyone ever run into a situation where a MSI mainboard would not read the ide2 channel? I have replaced the board with three different ones and tried 1,2,3, and 4 devices on IDE1 and IDE2 where there are more than 2.

    It will not recognize the channel?



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    Re:K7T Turbo 2 and IDE2 channel

    Is your BIOS updated? Does it recognize the devices on the 2nd IDE channel upon POST? Can you see the devices in the BIOS? I take it everything worked fine with the other mobos? If your BIOS is updated, reset to the defaults in case the IDE1(2nd channel) is set to "disabled", or look for it in the "Advanced" menu.

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    Re:K7T Turbo 2 and IDE2 channel

    I'm using this board, and both IDE channels work fine for me. I've got two hdd's on IDE1 and two CD-Rom's on IDE2. No probs.

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    Re:K7T Turbo 2 and IDE2 channel

    Bios is dated July 2002. And all things say that IDE2 is enabled and set to auto. For some strange reason with this (third mboard) I am having troubles keeping my primary HDD recognized in bios. Reboots now show none for primary and my cd for slave IDE1. IDE2 is empty since it never worked.

    Good thing I never went RAID ": )


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    Re:K7T Turbo 2 and IDE2 channel

    I would try doing the cable select mode. To use this, if you are unfamiliar, set each drive's jumper's to cable select, and the outer plug is the master's plug, and the middle is the slave's plug. Now, if you are doing this already switch to specific jumperings for master and slave. You may be experiencing what I get to screw around with every now an then when fixing or replacing a drive on the LAN at work here.

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