Recent circumstances made a reinstall necessary and now there is a problem with the printer that my Linux mentor is unable to solve. I did some of the install myself [my first attempt] and he did the rest, leaving the printer for me to do with printtool. Everything looked good there and the test pages were perfect. But the printer could only make the noises of printing from Netscape. My friend got the printer to work with a telnet session [he lives some distance away]. The problem is that before I can print the material I want, a page precedes each print job which looks something like a banner printout but letter-size. The first couple to print said "Root" and what looked like test page but the letters were all over the place. Now it prints my name on line 1, stdin on line 2, and what looks like localhost on the third line. At the bottom of the page: Job: stdin and the date and time.
Some of the things we checked were: an ls of /var/spool/lp0 which was OK; lpq said "no entries"; I emailed him the contents of "general.cfg, postscript.cfg, textonly.cfg and /etc/printcap, all of which were OK.
If anyone has run into this problem before and would kindly point me in the right direction for a remedy, I would be most grateful.