Can anyone help a newbie to get spam assassin set up to work with KDE's Kmail? I know there are many other email clients that are already installed, (actually, I've heard others say good things about Evolution, and I have taken a look at it) but Kmail has a utility that will import my Outlook Express folders and mail, and I'm one of those people that like to keep (some) messages inside their email client's mailboxes - my mailboxes take up about 85Mb of space.

I have already downloaded spam assassin, and installed (via rpm, on Redhat 7.3) it. After going over some of the documentation, I am a little confused, and could use a little hand-holding.

Kmail works fine, I can get my email from my ISP, no problem. Now all I want is a good spam blocker, and spam assassin sure sounds like a fantastic tool. The Kmail documentation has a little on how to use spam assassin, but stupid me just doesn't get it. I tried to follow the instructions they gave, but it doesn't "take", ie, I tried to set up a filter which would pipe everything to spam assassin, but after I thought I had done what I was supposed to, and clicked ok, the filter I set up wasn't saved.

If anybody has any experience with this, I could use a little help.