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    I am thinking of setting up a small web server using DynDNS. It would house only things like personal webpages, so I don't think it would have much traffic. Anyone has an idea what would be the minimum hardware requirements for such a server to run smoothly?

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    The question is what percentage of the pages served will be static html vs. dynamically generated (cgi, php, etc.). Obviously, dynamically generated pages will eat up a lot more resources. I have and AMD K6-300 box with 128MB RAM serving some very low traffic websites. It serves the static pages just fine, but rather slow on cgi.

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    I think it would have hardly any dynamic pages, since I barely know how to use Perl or an other web language. Perhaps later when I learn more.
    I have an extra box just like that at home. I guess that will be its destiny then.
    OpenBSD or Linux?

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    [quote author=trickster link=board=3;threadid=4730;start=#47069 date=1030382822]
    OpenBSD or Linux?
    I think that only depends on which one you're more familiar with ...

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    Linux I guess. Though I'd like to try BSD sometime.

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    Well I am currently hosting With my old AMD 166 MHZ. My server is not accesed a lot but it performes a lot of things. It is a webserver, mailserver, fileserver, and printserver and on top of that i rundgnome@home.

    You could proably get away with a 486 system if it is stricly your webserver and you only serve basic html pages.

    I experimented with an old 486 DX4 100MHZ I installed PHP-Nuke and it was slow but I suppose because of php and mysql.

    For low traffice like my site a low end pentium will due. You might get ok results from a 486.

    Just my two cents.

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    Allright. I will give it a try.

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    My Webserver/gateway/samba/mail/ssh

    P 233 with 256 MB of RAM

    Debian Woody minimal install with IceWM as my X server. No slowdown at all.

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