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    Intel 845G

    A client of mine hired me to make a RedHat database server out of a brand new Dell PC that they just bought last week. I did a custom install of RedHat 7.3 and everything works great (including the db ) There's only one small nagging problem...the video is on the mobo ( intel extreme graphics 845G ). The only driver I could get to work was the generic "vesa" driver which only supports 640x480 res. It's really not that big a deal to me because the thing won't be running the X server very often but when it does I'd like it to look as nice as possible. Intel's site says the have submitted drivers to all the "major" linux distros but I'm not sure how old that info is.

    So, I guess the question is... does anyone here have any experience with the Intel 845G chipset? or is this just unsupported for now?

    Thanks for any input


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    Re:Intel 845G

    Have you tried to recomile the kernel? I think I saw an option for support for 845 somewhere, though I can't say if it was in version 2.4.x or 2.5.x

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    Re:Intel 845G

    Ya, I've looked through the configs for both of redhats kernels 2.4.18-3 and 2.4.18-5 and didn't find anything. I'll download 2.4.20-pre7 and check it out.

    Thanks for the response.


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    Re:Intel 845G

    This might be useful also.

    According to this, the latest version of XFREE86 added support for it.
    You may consider updating it.

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    Re:Intel 845G

    Thanks Trickster... You Da Man!!!!

    I'll give that a go tomorrow. ;D ;D



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    Re:Intel 845G

    I hope it works

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    Re:Intel 845G

    You may need to grab the one from CVS, as I don't think the regular 4.2.1 has the driver.

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