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Thread: Patching a kernel

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    Patching a kernel

    What is the command for patching a kernel? According to the kernel README, it should be gzip -cd patchXX.gz | patch -p0 . However, when i try that, i gives me an error saying that -p0 is not recognized.

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    Re:Patching a kernel

    i ussualy put the patch in /usr/src/ and gunzip it there, then i cd to /usr/src/linux and do a patch -p1 < ../patchname then watch a bunch of stuff fly by.

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    Re:Patching a kernel

    Just out of curiosity, which or what sort of patches would someone want to apply to their kernel (in my case, 2.4.19)?

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    Re:Patching a kernel

    An easier way still is to put your patches in /usr/src then cd to /usr/src/linux -xxx/scripts and run the patch-kernel utility.

    This will then install all the patches automatically.

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    Re:Patching a kernel

    hey frith,
    the pre-emptive patch for one. i know the hpt (i think..) controller and maybe some ac patches.

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    Re:Patching a kernel

    i always patch it like this:

    put the patch in /usr/src
    then cd into the linux directory
    and then type:
    patch -Np1 -i ../patchname

    works everytime here

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