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Thread: I love Linux

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    I love Linux

    I do. If not for Linux, I'd probably never touch a computer outside of work. Linux makes it all fun again.

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    Re:I love Linux

    Because of Linux, I'm spending way too much time on my computers ... ;D

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    Re:I love Linux

    Because of Linux I have serveral computers that never crash. I have several computers running types of software I would never have ahd the money to afford. I haver weak machines getting some rather lives out of themselves.

    Linux is great aint it?


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    Re:I love Linux

    I like Linux, it keeps me busy and it helps me learn UNIX and programming.

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    Re:I love Linux

    i hate linux for it has ruined my ability to work without pulling my hair out on any non-linux box

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    Re:I love Linux

    [quote author=Ralinx link=board=12;threadid=4684;start=0#46754 date=1030112585]
    i hate linux for it has ruined my ability to work without pulling my hair out on any non-linux box

    I know that feeling... luckily I can get vim for windows2k, all I need now is a bash replacement for the dos console.

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    Re:I love Linux

    cygwin my friends!! it even has xfree86

    it has given me the ability to work on MS windows machines without wanting to wear a necklace made from our IT staff's teeth. sure, i still wanna kick thme in the shins sometimes...

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    Re:I love Linux

    GNU/Linux has kept me sane It has allowed me to set up two servers, one running Samba/NFS as my file server and the other as a webserver with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP). All it cost me was time and about $10 of cash for my Slackware 8 cd.

    I can't imagine what I'd have to fork out to do it legally under windows. Plus, imagine trying to run MS alternatives on my servers (A 133 with 32mb ram and a 166 with 64mb ram)

    It has really put the fun back into computers (Windows was starting to get really boring a while back, esp. with the Win98 bluescreens ;-))

    I would say that Linux has taught me *so* much more about my computer than I ever would have learn't using windows (Winmodems may be a good example - Mine works under Linux and I understand why they are crap - something I wouldn't have learn't by sticking with windows.)

    I also (Apart from rebooting the file server and relogging back into KDE) haven't had to perform any maintenence on my systems. Segfault Linux was ready when WinXP was installed on my sisters computer (One that isn't used often) but WinXP has had to be reinstalled as most windows installs do. GNU/Linux 'just works' (to borrow an apple slogan)

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    Re:I love Linux


    The only time i have ever had to shut down my mail server is to tinker with hardware.

    I have 2 $22,000 dell servers w/ Win2k server whose OS fucks up all the time, even after fresh intall. My toes are bleeding from hard booting them so many times.

    linux kicks ass.

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    Re:I love Linux

    I hate Linux.

    Because of Linux I spend way too much time sitting in front of my computer at home. This makes me an anti-social freak whose shoulders hurt and who doesn't care for cleaning up her room.

    Because of Linux I lurk at LJR when I'm at work. This makes me an anti-social freak who spends her time doing everything else but the thing she's getting paid for.

    Because of Linux I met a guy who broke my heart.

    Because of Linux I pull my head out when I have to use Windows. This happens every time I'm at work or every time my dad breaks up his Windows machine.

    Because of Linux I hate Microsoft. This is a bad thing because I'd be happier if I didn't hate anything.

    Because of Linux, it's usually my fault if my computer breaks up, not the OS's fault. This is a bad thing since I can't blame anyone else for my own mistakes.

    I certainly hate Linux. :P

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