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Thread: quick cdparanoia question

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    quick cdparanoia question

    Hey, does cdparanoia do cddb querying for track naming information? I cant remember if its cdparanoia or cdda2wav or either that does it. I working on a script (my first one yay!) to automate ripping to either mp3 or ogg based first on a cddb query for track naming and then on a name file if no info is found on the cddb.

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    Re:quick cdparanoia question

    Hi, found the following:-

    Q: Does cdda2wav support CDDB ids?
    A: Yes, while it does not make CDDB lookups itself, it supplies an cddb file with the table of contents and the cddb id. For cddb lookups see the perl script and tracknames.txt. If the titles are known to cdda2wav, it fills the titles itself in the cddb file.

    From the cdparanoia homepage:-

    Why don't you implement CDDB? A GUI? Four million other features I want?
    Too many features spoil the broth. "Software is not perfect when there is nothing left to add, but rather when there is nothing extraneous left to take away." The goal of cdparanoia is perfect, rock-solid audio from every capable cdrom on every platform. As this goal has not yet been met, I'm uninterested in adding unrelated capability to the core engine.
    Several GUIs that incorporate cdparanoia already exist; I'm in the process of compiling a list (see the links page). Other software that implements new features by wrapping around cdpar anoia (like CDDB lookup) also exist.

    'Cdparanoia' will not play to sound cards (you can always pipe the output to a WAV player), do MD5 signatures, read CD catalog or serial numbers (this *is* a feature I plan to add), search indexes, do rate reduction (use Sox, Ogg or a million others), or generally make use of the maximum speed available from a CDROM drive.

    If your CDROM drive is *not* prone to jitter and you don't have scratched discs to worry about, you might want to look at the original cdda2wav for features cdparanoia does not have. Keep in mind however that even the really good drives do occasionally stumble. I know of at least one cdparanoia user who insists on using full paranoia with his Plextor UltraPlex because it once botched a single sector from a rip; he'd already burned the track to several CD-Rs before noticing...

    So it would seem that there is some sort of a wrapper for cdparanoia which will do cddb lookup, but I don't know anything about it. Hope this helps.

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