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    I'm not saying running your own DNS is a bad idea. But it's just that it's crazy to run DNS over dynamic IP.

    Do you know how many days it took for a root server to sync with its client machines?? It's 72 hours for a region ( and it's not even world wide ).

    If you want to run BIND in internal network, it's cool and all but don't bother it if you have dynamic IP address. It's just too much hassle and not worth your time.

    Another suggestion would be to use web based domain magament solutions such as . There you can update your domain in a few minutes and it usually only take a few hours to update it. Since all of your domain will be pointing there, you can easily have domains ( including sub-domains ) the way you wanted with minimal downtime.

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    Running a nameserver with a dymanically assigned ip address is simply a NO NO. A Win2k nameserver will not even install without a statically assigned address. Why do you its address to be assigned by DHCP? Can't you get a block from your ISP?

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    nope they refuse to sell or give out any ip-adresses, just find a guy running a nameserver who's on the same isp as I am, if I'm understanding correctly he's using a dyndns as the static ip to internet.
    do a
    nslookup -d

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    I guess the next question is, do you really need a name server, or at least one that is accessible to the external world? If you're not running any world accessible servers (mail, http), then just keep your nameserver private and use it to resolve lan client requests. Does the external world really need to know the internal structure of your network?

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    I have 1 computer which will have OpenBSD and run webserver/mail/proftp and 1 OpenBSD gateway/nameserver.

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