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Thread: ogg vorbis-Im stupid

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    ogg vorbis-Im stupid

    Im an idiot. I downloaded everything to get Ogg encoding rolling for my mp3s. So, I start to install everything and i get conflicts about previously installed rpms conflicting and It didnt dawn on me that It might already be installed. : Im stupid.

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    Re:ogg vorbis-Im stupid

    what version was installed already?
    if it's not 1.0 then get rid of it, and get 1.0
    it's sooooooooooooooo good

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    Re:ogg vorbis-Im stupid

    It was RC3. I have all the rpms to upgrade, but is it worth it over the rc3?

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    Re:ogg vorbis-Im stupid

    well i guess the difference between RC3 and 1.0 isn't very big

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