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Thread: Slackware 8

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    Slackware 8

    Hey all. I just got a copy of slackware 8.0 and was thinking about installing it. What are some opinions on it? I have used rh, mandrake, and some debian before, how does it stand with those? Just looking for some info from proficient "slackers"... :P

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    Re:Slackware 8

    slackware 8 was the only distro i was truelly happy with. Right now it's probably a bit outdated though, so maybe u should use slack 8.1 (allthough i've heard Tully in #ljr say that slack 8 was better than 8.1)

    slack is very easy if u have some linux experience, very fast and also very stable. it's also a great system to compile on (unlike some other distro's who seem to be trying very hard to make sure u'll have trouble compiling stuff)

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    Re:Slackware 8

    What Ralinx said, pretty much my sentiments.

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    Re:Slackware 8

    Its great even if u don't have a lot of experience! I was a complete n00b but after runnin slak8 a month or two, I know a lot more and am very comfortable using console and command line stuff...mandrake 7.2 keeps u away from console so much, when u do have to use it, its scary cuz it hasnt taught u anything about it! get slak8 and be happy ;D

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    Re:Slackware 8

    Slackware 8.1 0wnz j000 f00l......
    Ooops sorry had a relapse into my gentoo state of mind (note...almost all gentoo users think they are elite hackers)

    Slackware is a well thought out well put together distribution, and cj171 is exactly right ...Its very friendly the community the distro itself as long as your willing to learn. but afte the initial shock of "Oh hell I have to edit this by hand" Its a breeze and it hardly ever has to be messed with to keep running right.

    Peace out and remember .....
    Slackware ....Because it works

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    Re:Slackware 8

    Slackware 8.1- best OS I've ever used.

    And ... it 0wnz J000!

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    Re:Slackware 8

    Slackware would have to be the best and most stable Linux distro I've used so far. So, get slack.

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    Re:Slackware 8

    I like slack 8.0 for the aforementioned reasons. Unfortunately I'm not too pleased with 8.1...but it's no big deal updating your apps if you're not afraid to compile a few things here and there.

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    Re:Slackware 8

    I honestly think Slack is the best core Linux distro. However, I jsut wish there were more slackpaks out there. I really wish I had the time to compile, but I dont. Upgrading X is the only thing that is unversally easy on every distribution. I like the fact that with RPMS, I can upgrade a shitload in the same amount of time it takes to compile an average sized app. That was the original reason I left Slackware, and the reason I have not yet permanently returned.

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    Re:Slackware 8

    Slackacks are so simple to make though!! :-P Also, there is (use to be linuxmafia) every slackers favorite site.

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