I know this is really a BSD question, but I am hoping someone knows PF. I have set up a invisible bridge with Open BSD 3.1. The OS is fine and my two NIC's are working as a bridge. If I plug through the bridge and set the rules
pass out all
pass in all
It works just fine. (I did this to make sure I was really going through the bridge. Now I add the ruleset.

ext_if = "sis0" ##wan
int_if = "sis1" ##lan

pass in quick on $ext_if all
pass out quick on $ext_if all

block in log on $int_if all

pass out on $int_if if proto udp keep state
pass out on $int_if if proto tcp modulate state

Very simple to start with. The problem is I cannot go to the web, check mail, or anything. What am I missing?? Thanx in advance.