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Thread: running java in Mozilla

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    running java in Mozilla

    Hi i'm testing out java with Mozilla and i wanted to use the java irc applet on linuxjunior. Turns out i guess Mozilla doesn't know where to find my java files for a x-java-vm application. What should I put into the helper application fields to get Mozilla to use those types of files??? Is the extension a .jar?


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    Re:running java in Mozilla

    u have to symlink the java plugin to your mozilla plugins directory

    the easiest way is like this:

    cd ~./mozilla/plugins
    ln -s /path/to/ .

    u have to symlink it, copying won't work
    and as for adding it to ~/.mozilla/plugins instead of wherever u installed mozilla... this way the plugin is still installed when u upgrade ur mozilla

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    Re:running java in Mozilla

    You know if iI keep getting help from you i'm gonna have to send you some good herb to Belgium for the thanks.


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    Re:running java in Mozilla

    well i didn't have a plugins directory in my home mozilla directory. So i linked it to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins. Still no dice when it comes to getting the chat to initialize.

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    Re:running java in Mozilla

    Here's how I got the java-plugin for Mozilla: I ran Mozilla as root and went to Mozilla prompted me for the plugin and I let it download and intall from the Netscape server. After it was done, closed Mozilla and ran it as a user and everything was honky-dory.

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    Re:running java in Mozilla

    Did you install the Java plugin through your browser?.

    The plugin filename is

    Look for that file on your system. If you can't find it, try running Mozilla as root from a command line and then installing the plugin through your browser. Should work fine then.

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    Re:running java in Mozilla

    How would one install a pluging via a browser? The helper applications section?

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    Re:running java in Mozilla

    It should automatically prompt you for installing the plugin when you go to a web page that has a java applet.

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    Re:running java in Mozilla

    just create the ~/.mozilla/plugins directory yourself, then symlink the plugin in there and restart mozilla. then type "aboutlugins" in your address bar. a whole bunch of java stuff should be listed there now

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