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Thread: Modem for linux

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    Modem for linux

    What is a cheap modem that will work on linux and would be easy to get/easily available?

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    Re:Modem for linux

    I got a conexant HSF to work in slack 8 with a driver I downloaded from their site. I understand they now have a linux driver for the HCF variety.

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    Re:Modem for linux

    The Compaq Microcom external modem. Cost me $10 plus shipping. Look on ebay or do a google search for it. I'm sure you can get them pretty cheap.

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    Re:Modem for linux

    I know you said cheap, but the USR externals are the best out there, and work beautifully in linux. Easy to setup too.

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    Re:Modem for linux

    I bought a Conexant HCF for $7 + 4$ shipping. I still have to test it, though. Decided on Conexant because it is also the one on my box, though I haven't gotten it working, since I never use it.

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    Re:Modem for linux

    I put Red Hat and Mandy on my parents box which has an HCF controllerless Conexant modem in it. GOD I HATE THAT MODEM! but here is a link to the place to download the stuff for it anyway, ya just pick if ya got a HCF or HSF, and select ya distro and download the driver. gettin it workin is a breeze if you read the info on that page.

    I still hate winmodems

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    Re:Modem for linux

    Look for a creative modem blaster v90 external, I picked one up from walmart for $ 29. Works like crap in win2k, fantastic in linux

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    Re:Modem for linux

    Don't know much bout externals since I've never used them. But I've stuck with isa hardware modems. Haven't had one fail yet. Tried 3 different ones. I've had the same 28.8 in the backup box since '95. Just got a new Rockwell (well used, new to me) 56K.

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    Re:Modem for linux

    yeah if its external I should be a hard modem and shouldnt give you any problems in getting it to work with linux...

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