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Thread: samba problem, browsing

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    samba problem, browsing


    I have 3 comps. one winXP, one win98, and one linux. If I don't make the samba be a master browser, than the winXP comp wins, the win98 and winXP can see all just fine, but the linux can't even find the master browser. If I make the Samba server be a master browser, than the linux comp can see all. But the win comps can't see anything.
    They can all ping each other. If I do "net use \\Linux\samba" from the win98 than it can connect and find the linux comp. can anyone please give me some advice, cause I'm all out of ideas.

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    Re:samba problem, browsing

    Hi m8

    I had a similar problem when I was using NT4 server and win98. If I remember correcty simply disable the master browser in win98 and XP this will stop the problem, and you can still browse at your leisure. I'm assuming your using samba as your default server?

    Using the unc command as you've mentioned throu DOS works. If you dont see the win98/XP network neighbourhood icon simply use the dos Net use command it works every time. have fun


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    Re:samba problem, browsing

    Is the Linux server also running the wins server in the smb.conf ?. If not enable it ;D. Hope that helps
    Its better to regret something you have done than to regret something you havent done :P

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