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Thread: KaZaA on wine?

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    KaZaA on wine?

    Has anyone had any luck getting this one going? It starts up real nice with me, but then says "unable to create empty document" and spends the rest of its short-lived days in a crashed state. KaZaA no longer has a linux client and I'd really like to be able to use it. Anyone know whether it's possible to get it running under wine? Alternatively, is there a KaZaA client for linux that works that I don't know about?

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    Re:KaZaA on wine?

    I think you can get Kazaa Lite to work, if you use an actual Windows installation with IE....

    check out this site for running progs in wine:

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    Re:KaZaA on wine?

    Did you have write permission in the drive where you installed it? Or ran it from. Because that would prevent it from creating that file. Just a thought

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    Re:KaZaA on wine?

    This is offtopic, but why not use LimeWire? I've been using it for a little while now and am really impressed! It's both open and runs on many platforms (using java).

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    Re:KaZaA on wine?

    I don't know why but I have been under the impression that it is easier to find and get things on kazaa or morpheus than on limewire or gnutella.

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    Re:KaZaA on wine?

    Hrmmm...I'll give kazaa light a try and see how it works...thanks

    For the record, yes I do have write permissions to the drive. I made sure of that and also ran it as root so that's not the problem.

    I won't use limewire because limewire is a gnutella client, and gnutella just isn't where it should be. The damn thing has been kicking around for a good long while now and I've seen very little improvement. Gnutella will always be a fallback because it'll always be there, but it will never be my primary file sharing program unless times are bad. Right now I'm using Qtella (QT-based gnutella client, and a good one at that), and it just doesn't produce what I'd like it to.

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    Re:KaZaA on wine?

    I'm using a harddrive with Windows98 installed(not recomended because it will corrupt the registry, would be best to copy the relevent files to your linux drive but can take lots of time figuring out which ones you need). A couple of things to look out for:

    1. Must have write permissions. In my /etc/fstab, I have /dev/hdb1 /mnt/windows vfat users,rw,noauto 0 0 and I mount the drive with the user I'm running wine from by mount /mnt/windows.

    2. For KaZaA or just about anything else which has a builtin web browser, you need Internet Explorer installed. IE 5SP2 works good for me.

    3. This here is the biggie! Make sure you have "Windows" = "win95" in your ~/.wine/config. It took me hours figuring this out.

    I'm using the WINE .deb files that come with Debian 3.0r0 and default DLL overrides. Pretty much everything using native DLL's, except shell and shell32 which must be set to use builtin DLL's.
    A screen shot of me running KaZaA with WINE. A screen shot of me running KaZaA with WINE. And IE.

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    Re:KaZaA on wine?

    Got it working. Thanks everyone. I didn't have the registry file :-[ It's a little buggy, but at least I have FastTrack.

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