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Thread: Linux makes a run for government

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    Linux makes a run for government

    SAN FRANCISCO--A technology policy think tank is campaigning to win Linux a greater role in government by offering to act as a central repository for a federally certified version of the open-source operating system.
    The Cyberspace Policy Institute, established a decade ago at George Washington University, plans to push for Linux to be certified under the Common Criteria, a standard grading of technology required by the United States and other countries before products can be sold into sensitive government applications.

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    Re:Linux makes a run for government

    I can't work out why MS thinks the NSA should put more resources into commercial projects. Its not gonna benefit everything. At least with OSS, it can benefit everyone, with no cost whatsoever.

    I also don't like how MS (Presumably) presurred the NSA into not doing any more work on OSS.

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