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Thread: RH hangs at Linuxconf-setup

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    RH hangs at Linuxconf-setup

    My Red Hat box now hangs at linuxconf-setup and won't go past it. I go into run level one but I can't find a problem. Has anyone had this problem?

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    Re:RH hangs at Linuxconf-setup

    no i haven't - can you remove it from the /etc/rc3.d and /etc/rc5.d directories?

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    Re:RH hangs at Linuxconf-setup

    I actually did that and now it is hanging at dpt ( adaptec raid controller) I am gonna try and pull that out too and start em by hand. I hope I can get it to come all the way up. I don't know why it is doing it in the first place.

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    Re:RH hangs at Linuxconf-setup

    have ya recompiled your kernel or anything drastic?

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    Re:RH hangs at Linuxconf-setup

    No I have not. If I goto init1 and do /etc/rc.d/init.d/dpt start it just starts right up. I don't know why it can start that easy by hand but hang when is starts at boot. PB, Anything else you think I should try? I am at a loss.

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    Re:RH hangs at Linuxconf-setup

    hi datamike,
    what does /var/log/dmesg and /var/log/messages have in it?

    next i would do a filesystem check, if that works i would type init 3 at the prompt. if ya can get chkrootkit at to make sure no one was out there messing with your box.

    i am sure there are a few other things we can do to figure out what scrpit is messing up.

    have you tried going through and type /etc/init.d/<something> start ?

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