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Thread: winex question

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    Re:winex question

    Do a search around here somewhere, it tells you the difference between the winex and the winex 2.0 or whatever the new version is. But, the pet will give you the winex version.

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    Re:winex question

    Well I would just use the GetWineX script as it does everythign for you and gives you 2.1 which is a good working version for alot of games

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    Re:winex question

    I think from what I've read is that when you get the packages from transgaming it installs it as wine, but makes a simlink to winex. I could be wrong, but its something like that. It either simlinks it, or moves it totally. Whenever I have used the cvs from transgaming I only get wine. The commands are exactly the same just different names, so it doesn't matter which one you use.

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    Re:winex question

    I loaded the cvs version some time ago from the original post at that other forum

    The command that worked from that install was:

    wine --winver -win98 /bla/bla/foo.exe

    Ever thing installs fine nothing works lol ;D

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    Re:winex question

    Last evening on my home box, I discovered what the deal is with winex and what is called what. When you get the paid package from Transgaming, it will install a symlink from /usr/local/transgaming/bin/wine to /usr/bin/winex (or whatever the paths are). Thats why I and a few others who pay for WineX get a winex command, whereas others just get wine.

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