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Thread: check out my site

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    check out my site

    oh and be sure to read the last question of the FAQ before u post comments

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    Re:check out my site

    That is great!!!

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    Re:check out my site

    your site is freaking cool ralinx

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    Re:check out my site

    Love the tatoo guy and the McD's application ;-)

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    Re:check out my site

    Too frickin funny!

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    Re:check out my site

    When God was about to create Eve, He considered well from what part of Adam to create her. Said He: "I will not use the head, lest she be swell-headed; not the eye, lest she be a coquette; not the ear, lest she be an eavesdropper; not the mouth, lest she be a gossip; not the heart, lest she be prone to jealousy; not the hand, lest she be light-fingered; not the foot, lest she be a gadabout; I shall make her from a hidden part of man, that she be modest." Yet in spite of all the precautions, she is subjected to all these faults.

    -Levi. Genesis Rabbah 18.2

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    Re:check out my site

    [quote author=segfault link=board=17;threadid=4564;start=0#45634 date=1029306813]
    Love the tatoo guy and the McD's application ;-)

    Me too! And the S.H.I.T thing!

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    Re:check out my site

    well i've been working on it some more today and i'm adding some usefull stuff to it (like a Linux Corner with some cool stuff in it) and a Rants page where i'll be ranting like crazy and there's nobody to lock up the thread
    I also added a News page which will list updates and stuff like that.

    at first this just started as a joke but i think i'm gonna update this site regularly

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    Re:check out my site

    [me=Lovechild]is looking forward to "Why Ralinx hates Debian users, the rant"...[/me]

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    Re:check out my site

    I'm sure everyday will include a rant about Feztaa.

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