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Thread: Free Lance Programming?

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    Free Lance Programming?

    Hello everyone,

    I am doing a little research for my brother who is thinking on going into business for himself... but part of what he wants is a program. Does anyone hear know where/how to get ahold of free lance programmers? I don't know what language he would want or need it in but I am assuming something compatable with Windows. Oh and if you know about how much free lancers make that would be great too.


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    Re:Free Lance Programming?

    I do freelance coding. Seems like a lot of small buisnessmen like using internet services that bring programmers and buisnessmen together (For instance The amount for the program depends on what it is and if it is by the hour or a contracted project (which is a set price).

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    Re:Free Lance Programming?

    Thanx for the info... Don't suppose you have a portfolio, do you? Maybe I could hook you up with my brother and you guys could talk.

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    Re:Free Lance Programming?

    Who is this Lance, and why does he need free programming ?

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    Re:Free Lance Programming?

    You've got it all wrong Lovechild, it's "Free Lance Programming"
    Programming, for freeing Lance.. Now the question is, who is Lance? And where is he? Since he need to be freed by programming..

    Or is it a new concept, learn programming, by freeing Lance ??

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    Re:Free Lance Programming?

    ah the noble art of programming to free your fellowman...

    Duel at sundown anyone, pick you weapon... qwerty or dvorak...

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    Re:Free Lance Programming?

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=14;threadid=4563;start=0#45669 date=1029344481]
    Duel at sundown anyone, pick you weapon... qwerty or dvorak...

    azerty all the way baby!

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    Re:Free Lance Programming?

    LOL ;D Oh man you all are too funny.

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