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Thread: sshd install

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    sshd install

    I have to fogure out how sshd was installed on the linux 7.2 box (this box wasn't installed by me)
    when I ussue rpm -qa | grep ssh I see the output that lists the opensshd package. On the other hand there is an openssh directory in /usr/local, so it looks like someone was trying to compile it, and not to use rpm version.
    Is there any way to tell for sure how ssh works on the system, as rpm or as a compiled version?

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    Re:sshd install

    Um, only one of us can have the green thing.

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    Re:sshd install

    RH 7.2 and I installed it via RPM. I have SSH file in /usr/bin . I guess if you quaried with rpm -q <packagename>, and it return, then it was installed via RPM.

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    Re:sshd install

    Well... what if you install one via rpm and then without removing it install one from binary....the guy who manages the box is quite unexperienced and this is the box that he received from previous sysadmin so there is no one who could tell me what's going on.

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    Re:sshd install

    # rpm -V <packagename>
    will md5sum the files in the package.. if they aren't the ones orriginating from the package, it will complain..
    Then it's up to you, to decide if the change is due to a configuration change from you, or due to an entirely different file.

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    Re:sshd install

    Good thought, thanks a lot.

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    Re:sshd install

    [quote author=Goughmezz link=board=4;threadid=4558;start=0#45590 date=1029266716]
    Um, only one of us can have the green thing.

    Hmmm, don't get me wrong buddy but I was here first :-) , so why don't you change your green thing ?

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    Re:sshd install

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    Re:sshd install

    Why don't you just make your own?

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    Re:sshd install

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