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Thread: updating FTP

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    updating FTP

    I'm in the middle of updating wu-ftpd. I am running an RH6.2 box, and I finally upgraded rpm to 4.02. I've tried running:

    rpm -U wu-ftpd-2.6.1-0.6x.21.i386.rpm

    I get the message:

    error: failed dependencies:
    /etc/pam.d/system-auth is needed by wu-ftpd-2.6.1-0.6x.21

    How do I fix this? Do I need a fresh install of PAM? Or is there a way to create the system-auth file?



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    Re:updating FTP

    i would upgrade the pam rpm or else force it.

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    Re:updating FTP

    Thanks. I've found an updated PAM rpm. Now, if I do the upgrade, will it use my original PAM files, or will I have to recreate them. (I'll back them up, no matter what.)


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    Re:updating FTP

    if it does try to update them you should get an pam.rc.orig (or what whatever..) i.e. it shoiuld back up custom settings itself.

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    Re:updating FTP

    my suggestion would be to switch to proftpd.
    how many times have we seen the following headline on linux news sites: "new Wu-ftpd vulnerability gives up remote root access"

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