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Thread: PCChips M817 Problem

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    PCChips M817 Problem

    I bought a PCChips M817 motherboard and i has been giving me nothing but trouble. Too late I realized that the support is nonexistet for it.
    First the mobo wouldn't do anything. Took me a long time to find a thread on a bbs where someone posted they had the same trouble until they realized the Clear CMOS pins were inverted. Bingo. That did the trick.
    Now I get the mb to post, but it says "Bad Checksum, press F1 to continue or F2 to enter Setup." (AmiBios) However, the keyboard won't respond. and the CapsLock, Number Lock and Scroll Lock lights are continuously blinking. I took out everythin but the processor(Athlon XP 1800, with a retail AMD heatsink) and mobo, and it is still doing the same. I have a 450w power supply.(brand new) I tried 2 different keyboards with no luck. (Both of them PS/2). ???

    Any ideas are welcome. :-\

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    Re:PCChips M817 Problem

    do you have a USB mouse? if so i would get a USB keyboard and see how that responds, i am thinking the PS2 socket is bad if you are lucky, odds are the chipset is messed up. i never did like ALi much for chipsets.

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    Re:PCChips M817 Problem

    I know. I won't buy any more PCChips I think. They have no support whatsoever on their website.
    I have a usb mouse and a ps/2 one, but I can't use it because i don't get past the post. I will wait until monday to see if we have any usb keyboard at work I can try.

    I forgot, I also get a 1-2-1 beep code, but the PCChips beep codes are nowhere to be found either. ???

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    Re:PCChips M817 Problem

    Well, you were right. Bought a USB keyboard, configured the BIOS (took me a bit) and I am installing now. Seems I have a bad PS/2 port. Go figure.
    No more PCChips for me. :
    8)PBHarris 8)
    Thank you for your help, man.

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    Re:PCChips M817 Problem



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