Okay, I found this nifty little thing that I plug into my MS_Access DB to export all of the tables to MYSQL tables. It works, and I am happy. I found a doodad that allows me to very easily create and modify queries, which is great. I am in need of something to build reports. I need to be able to transfer the data into a template and be able to rush it to my bosses/employees/coworkers/business contacts. Anyone know what I can do/use?

Note -- although I am the King Idiot of MySQL, I am more than willing to learn some new shit. I just would like to spend no more than a week or so to get this up and going. If I can find a nifty app to do it -- I will buy whoever reccomends this a case of whatever beer they want (or soda, for the underagers ;D )

So will you help the el Schott-bo in his quest for OpenSource sovernty?