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Thread: Fluxbox?

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    Anyone know were there is a PET for setting up fluxbox? I have it installed---runs ok. The only things I seem to be able to do is run stuff from CL, I dont need X or fluxbox for that hehe. I want to reconfigure the menu, I have no idea were to begin---I must be KDE mentally disabled.

    Any thoughts are well recieved--thanks

    I am writing this from it, though ppp and my browser were opened from CL hehe

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    Have you read the fluxbox or blackbox manuals?
    I don't mean to give you an RTFM, but both manuals are so easy to follow, it's impossible to not know how. Even if you do 'man blackbox', that manual is pretty detailed.

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    Ya I figured it out, it was really easy once I got into it. Blackbox manuals are the same as fluxbox?

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    This is going to sound silly (because I'm a newbie)---how do you view /.* files in CL? What is going to sound even more silly is that untill now I was using mcedit to view/change them. This is a related issue to above, the *rc file for flux is in a hidden directory (which I couldnt find with mcedit hehe) I endded up using a gui filemanager to find it.

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    i believe "ls -a " will list the hidden files and you can use regular command to view them such as "cat /home/sarah/.muttrc" or "cp /home/sarah/.muttrc /home/sarah/sarahs.muttrc' and so forth.

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    Geez. Did I type that Fluxbox PET for nothing????

    It's in the PET collection. :P

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    [quote author=Kernel_Killer link=board=6;threadid=4114;start=0#41988 date=1027045433]
    Geez. Did I type that Fluxbox PET for nothing????

    It's in the PET collection. :P

    I agree it's pissing me off that I put a lot of work into writting PETs and then having no one reading them...

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    Just about any blackbox manual will work for fluxbox. Fluxbox is a very recent fork from the blackbox code. A few new features added, but none of the old blackboxy goodness removed.

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    Actually I would have read it. Except the title is "Fluxbox From Scratch"----I used the slackware package off the web site. I even read the first page but because it was regarding compiling from source--it didnt look like it applied. Sorry.

    I have read it now, and it is excellent. As you can see from above I am very much new to linux/slackware/fluxbox.

    I have no need to pi$$ anyone off, so again forgive me.

    (If I feel really stupid can I smite myself? hehe ;D)

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    [quote author=flashingcurser link=board=6;threadid=4114;start=0#42399 date=1027363361]
    Actually I would have read it. Except the title is "Fluxbox From Scratch"----

    this really isn't the first time where i notice someone saying that the PET's were either wrongfully named or listed in a category where they shouldn't be

    i think we need to do something to make the entire PET experience better. obviously a lot of people are having difficulties finding the right one because let's face it.. the organisation of the PET section could use some improvements.

    edit: i think we need a moderator for the PET's and less categories. the moderator would be very usefull because everytime i leave this board i get emails from people who have suggestions about upgrading my PET's but at those times i can't get to them anymore unless i make another account with the username Ralinx so a moderator would be able to make certain changes, to keep them updated or if he can't keep them updated, put them in an OLD-PET category or something like that. And about the categories, there's just too many of them. how about cutting back to about 8 or so.. instead of 15. it would make things a bit easier to find IMO

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