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Thread: Mp3 Box

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    Mp3 Box

    Ok, I took an Old 486 running Redhat 6.1 and made a mp3 box for my home stereo. Well it works but theres a couple things I would like it to do...

    1) Is there anyway to control mpg123 from a keyboard, or anyway to setup certain keys to run bash scripts or something?

    2) Would it be possible to make a script, that would check /mnt/cdrom for mp3 files, and if there were, run mpg123 and if not run a cdplayer, and then if the program is exited, eject the cdrom, wait for it to be closed and start over? Maybe just something close to that would work...

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    Re:Mp3 Box

    how do you do that kind of setup. make an mp3 box to hook into your stereo and such. ?

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    Re:Mp3 Box

    Ok well, its pretty easy the way I did it. All I did was took an old 120mhz 486 ( you really need a low-end pentium), an old cdrom (4x or lower), a small harddisk (about 400MB or so) and a sound-blaster compatible sound card. Then I installed RedHat 6.1, edited fstab so the cdrom would automount, and added a line to /etc/rc.local so mpg123 would automatically start. Of course I stuck a mp3 filled cd in the cdrom. Then all you need is a phono jack to RC cord to plug into your sound card and into your home stereo and viola! its done.

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    Re:Mp3 Box

    You should look into the the Route66 project, over at

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    Re:Mp3 Box

    I've looked into a buncha sites about this, and I plan on eventually using LIRC with an old stereo remote to control it, so this is just a temporary thing, and I haven't been able to find out any info about using a keyboard to control it.

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    Re:Mp3 Box

    It shouldn't be all that hard to make a front-end for mpg123 that controls it from the keyboard. But I don't know of any way you could make a program auto-detect when cd's are inserted. That might not be possible.

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    Re:Mp3 Box

    I kinda figured it wouldn't be that hard, but I really don't know how to do it and I was kinda hoping someone could point me in the right direction or something...

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    Re:Mp3 Box

    Doesn't automount do that?

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    Re:Mp3 Box

    You could also write a shell or perl script to work with mpg123. I think there is even a few mp3 modules for perl!

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    Re:Mp3 Box

    Just about any language will let you do it. You could make it so a certain key starts playing the cd, and then a certain key stops it. I'm already getting ideas about how to do it in C. I haven't programmed anything in a while so I might just take on the challenge later. But there'll be no auto-detecting. You'll just have to put in the cd and press enter or something.


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