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    This goes out to all of those who may be deciding to buy a new motherboard....

    As you might have read in "my box is hosed" message. I just purchased a Azza Motherboard. I did so because I liked the slots available, it fit my budget and the "Salesman" said it was a good board.

    Here is my tale of disaster.

    It came out of the OEM box easy
    Everything plugged into easy and install was great. (did it myself) ;D

    Fired it up and no AGP video card? So I plugged in my Matrox spare and it worked. Went into bios and told the stupid thing to auto detect dimm speed. Reboot and no video....

    At about this point I pulled J9 jumper and rebooted checking this time the CPU temp.

    140 f and climbing.. Not good CPU fan at 6800 rpm.

    Okay I can live with this for a few moments anyway to see if it would stabilize.

    Logged in as Root and while sitting there started getting Sigserv 11 errors (RAM FRIED TOO?)

    Nope reboot and all is good as root again. Futzed on the Inet and goofed off abit. Reboot to check temp...

    Temp now at 146 f. Okay so not too bad YET

    Logged in as user and loaded TKSETI, then LICQ (Promptly got a sigserv 11 error. Desktop removed all the icons and system just partied there until I rebooted.

    The next time I loaded Gaim and then TKSETI hummm. Same results.

    Noticed a wierd smell from the box... Kind of like new electronic parts that had dust on them. Okay better reboot anyway. Temp back to 140 f Good thing.

    After leaving bios (save and exit Y) no video present. Okay this board is hosed.....

    Please everyone either save a couple of more dollars or haggle with the shop owner tell him/her you will sweep and dump trash whatever it takes dont sacrifice your dollars for this piece of GARBAGE. It should be running Windows.... They would go hand in hand.... Blue screens.

    Anyway the back of my receipt says they will refund within 14 days. So I called another local shop and they have an MSI with 6 PCI, AGP and AMR and it supports the 168 PC133 Ram so you can guess where I am headed in the morning I have already removed the old/new board and boxed it up.


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    thanks ras!! good luck with the new board - don't let 'em try to sock ya with a restocking fee.

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    I have 3 MSI boards at home. They are very reliable. Socket 7, Super 7, and a Athlon socket board. Zero problems. You will be much happier with that new board than with that off brand one.

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