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Thread: Bash Script question....

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    Bash Script question....

    How could I make a script that functioned like this:

    when you run the script like this "filename"

    the script would run

    tar xvfj "filename"

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    Re:Bash Script question....

                     if [ -z "$1" ]; then
                         echo usage: $0 directory
                     OF=home-$(date +%Y%m%d).tgz
                     tar -cZf $TGTD$OF $SRCD
    this is straight out of the bash scripting howto. I didnt write this.

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    Re:Bash Script question....

    Or you could just make it a regular script, run it like ./tarscript and use something liek this:

    echo "What file would you like to tar up?"
    read filename
    tar zxvf $filename
    echo "all done "

    But i was readin your post again and i wasnt sure if you wanted to tar something up or have it untar.... To untar you could set alais in your bash_profile tar = tar -zxvf

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    Re:Bash Script question....

    Yeah it was to untar them, see I'm trying to make my own distro, at least a rough idea of it. So for a somewhat crude package managment system, i needed it. All my packages are just .tar.bz2 files, I have a way of uninstalling packages already, and I needed that for installing them. That is unitill I take the time later to figure out how to make a more elaborate system.

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    Re:Bash Script question....

    OK I have another bash scripting questions,
    right now whenever you add a package it writes the package name into a text file, I need to know how to remove that packages name from teh database when you remove it.

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    Re:Bash Script question....

    This is one way. Assuming the package we want to remove is contained in shell variable "$rmpkg" and the name of the package database file is "installed-pkgs":
    grep -v $rmpkg installed-pkgs >
    With a bit of refinement (eg check the new file is created ok, then move it back as "installed.pkgs&quot it would be workable.

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    Re:Bash Script question....

    Not that I am a guru in any of this, but a future modification may be to make a db instead of a text file for your software list. This could enable you to create a key to search for, which would speed your searches for a particular package considerably. Just a thought....

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