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Thread: Printing with Lexmark Z31

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    Printing with Lexmark Z31

    ALright everybody this kinda sux...
    I was trying to set up my printer in RH7.3 but it didn't seem to work. The first time it sent the cartridges banging into the left hand side of the printer... and second time it printed things off the right hand side so that it was unreadable. I was using the System/Printer Configuration tool in KDE3.0 and RH7.3(I think or 7.2 can't remember).

    Any suggestions, solutions or plain old help would be great... The closer I get to making this act just like Windows the sooner I can maybe start leaving this in Linux

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    Re:Printing with Lexmark Z31

    try using CUPS instead of LPRng would be my first suggestion, to ste up the CUPS printer point your browser at http://localhost:631 if cups is installed.

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    Re:Printing with Lexmark Z31

    What happens when it can't find the cups config file? Cuz mine can't and it keeps exiting.

    <edit>Nevermind I got cups up and working... now all I need to do is get my printer configured correctly :-( </edit>

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