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Thread: Apache Error

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    Apache Error

    Hello everyone

    I am doing a bit more on my Linux side now than I ever was... so now I was wondering about an error I keep recieving, it is this (straight out of the log file)
    [Fri Aug 9 10:33:14 2002] [alert] httpd: Could not determine the server's fully qualified domain name, using for ServerName
    Does anyone know what this means and how I would go about making sure that this error or alert should I say... is taken care of? I would like a nice error/alert free box ;D


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    Re:Apache Error

    hmm im not really good at apache but if you have a fully qualified domain name eg: or something you should add them in

    if you have no Server name you can add the name of your Computer

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    Re:Apache Error

    It's not Apache but it's your domain setting on your Networking setting. Make sure that you have fully qualified domain name set up in hosts file.
    Then the apache error will disappear.

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    Re:Apache Error

    Thats just it I don't have a domain name... I thikn that it had something to do with my computer name (aka localhost, or any of it's aliases) I don't know how but the hostname keeps getting set to izanseth and I have to change it manually when I get in linux... any one know what I'm talking about and how to fix it?

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    Re:Apache Error

    just add a name to you /etc/hosts file like this coltrane

    and then add the same information to your conf file like this


    this line is located in your httpd.conf file in Section 2: 'Main' server configuration, right uder your user/group config if im not mistaken

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    Re:Apache Error

    That makes sense I will give it a try when I get back into linux. I saw that line in the conf file but I didn't want to screw things up.

    Thanx for the help I'll let you know how it goes!

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