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Thread: the ocean

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    the ocean

    whos been out to the ocean this summer?
    do you go swimming or surfing? <3 it!

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    Re:the ocean

    [quote author=capybara link=board=17;threadid=4511;start=0#45079 date=1028858938]
    whos been out to the ocean this summer?
    do you go swimming or surfing? <3 it!

    i would have if the water here didn't look so bad. i prefer the ocean at night... just sit by the water, smoke a joint and listen to the waves.. it's amazing

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    Re:the ocean

    i love swimming in the ocean... the pacific anyway.
    i haven't been in it since last January when I ahd to go for a work trip it was cold, but hey it always is

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    Re:the ocean

    what ocean - we only have mountains here .... and some flooded regions in the north ..

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    Re:the ocean

    I went to Galveston last spring. I went swimming the first day, but the second it was too cold. They had a surfing competition with some fine ass chicks but otherwise the people were kind of scarce. On the bright side, all of the beaches were free. I'm hoping to head to the gulf again soon.

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    Re:the ocean

    ocean rules...I haven't been in years but I believe i"m about due

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    Re:the ocean

    The Pacific ocean is definitely my favorite summer time spot. The water is freezing but the beaches along the California coastline are beautiful.

    I don't swim much...I prefer to enjoy the scenery.....


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    Re:the ocean

    i just got back form vacation !!! i was at the jersey shore ! Long Beach Island

    swimming , i dont surf any more , i just dont have time to do it anymore

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    Re:the ocean

    While not technically an ocean, I prefer the Aegean/Med. The water is such a beautiful shade of emerald green, it's warm, and the beaches are beautiful. If there is a heaven, I think it will look like that.

    The Gulf Coast region is nice, too. The North Sea is way too dang cold for my taste. The Atlantic ocean is ok, though the beaches aren't the greatest in Mass, where I am from. The Pacific is beautiful, especially in the Pacific Northwest.

    Anyway, I am a lakes and rivers kinda guy, myself. Though, I have become very interested in deep-sea exploration (especially as it applies to the use of robotics) lately.


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    Re:the ocean

    Well its much easier to go swimming in the sea here because its only about 1/2-1 hour from coast to coast. (In Auckland at least) I haven't been for about 3 months but then again I'm not much of a beach person. We have a swimming pool anyway. Its also winter here at the moment so going swimming is only for the very keen.


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