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Thread: Free subdomain delegation?

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    Free subdomain delegation?

    right now i have from dyndns and it's cool but i wanna be a name server. does anyone know of any place that delegates subdomains so i could be by own name server?

    dyndns lets you if you donate. so maybe i'll just do that.

    thanks guys

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    Re:Free subdomain delegation?

    Sorry to send this thread off topic but I was wondering what is, I went to the site and I couldn't make sense of it. I don't know if I am just that dumb or if it was the tiredness factor at work, but anyway I guess I don't feel like I know what they do.

    They provide people a way to host a website off of their Dynamically changing IP address box? For free, unless you want cool features?

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    Re:Free subdomain delegation?

    basicly the provide a subdomain that links to /your/ ip static or dynamic. so when people go to they are going to my apache on this box i'm on right now. my ip is static so i dont need the dynamic part of it, but it's still nice to have a subdomain and not

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    Re:Free subdomain delegation?

    I forget which DNS service it was, but when you setup your DNS names, it did allow me to do and spare.xxxxxx . I think it was dyndns, but it may have been another. Check to see which ones allow Because thats what I had.

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    Re:Free subdomain delegation?

    I use and it's a free service.

    Set the DNS server to's DNS in your registerer. Then get an account with It will either clokeforward to any URL you specify such as but it will appear as to any visitors.

    Since I'm very satisfied with their service, I use their to register many of my domains and/or domains that I help my clients to establish.

    I have dynamic IP addressing ( but they hardly change and the last time was about 8 months ago and still the same IP now ) but when I did the last time, it was only a matter of minutes to update the IP info.

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