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Thread: Roleplayers of LJR, unite

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    Hey, if there are any nethack players out there, could you take a look at this page that I created and see if there's anything that you can do to help me out?

    I'm stumped. :-[

    Oh, I'm that thing standing outside that rectangular structure on the left-hand side by the water.

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    At the moment, I can't stop playing Baldur's Gate II.

    I've played AD&D.

    I'm getting into GW's Lord Of The Rings strategy battle game.

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    I am into AD&D 3rd Ed. Really enjoy the inporvements. And I always will love Battletech! That is my favorite RPG. Pair BattleTech up with Mechwarrior and you can have some interesting campaigns.

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