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Thread: Roleplayers of LJR, unite

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=17;threadid=4506;start=0#44989 date=1028833971]
    But who needs to be a real man(tm) anyways... I'm perfectly ok with just being a gentleman

    Just don't flirt with me and we'll be ok.

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    My favourite D&D game was my first one. I guess it was just an overwhelming experience with my imagination: Ravenloft: Strahd's domain.

    LARPs...well I've only played one and it wasn't official or anything, so it didn't really have a name. It was great though, tons of people.

    I've been working on a reality-travelling/time-travelling D&D campaign for over 6 years, but I haven't had time to finish with University and all. I've made some people play it and both groups really liked it.

    Shoplifters of the world...Unite and take over...

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite


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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    Shadowrun, Cyberpunk, and Warhammer FRP

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    [quote author=Frith link=board=17;threadid=4506;start=0#45073 date=1028856721]
    does nethack count as a real RPG?

    aside from 'Dragon Warrior' on the NES, it's the only game of that sort that I've played in the last decade or so.


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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    I've wanted to try Alternity for a while now ... anyone ever play it?

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    nice lovechild ;D Me like.

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

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    Re:Roleplayers of LJR, unite

    See NetHack is just a waste of time

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