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Thread: Rtcw anyone ?

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    Rtcw anyone ?

    just wanted to know if there are some people here who play rtcw - online or offline. I just know about rick420 who does this - so anyone out there ?

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    Re:Rtcw anyone ?

    I would, but I am internetless at home :'(

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    Re:Rtcw anyone ?

    Hell yeah...

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    Re:Rtcw anyone ?

    not only yeah, but HELL yeah.


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    Re:Rtcw anyone ?

    Does RTCW come with a linux installer? I have found some links saying it runs in linux, but not a whole lot on how to make it run in linux.

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    Re:Rtcw anyone ?

    I run RTCW. I'd be interested in playing online with some people.

    Wondering how to get RTCW running under Linux? Easy. - download this and exec as root

    Copy *.pk3 files from Windows install (listed in /usr/local/games/wolfenstein/INSTALL) to /usr/local/games/wolfenstein. Run game. That easy.

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    Re:Rtcw anyone ?

    For the sake of clarification, that file is around 70Mb for all of us without broadband. I will get it at work on monday.

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    Re:Rtcw anyone ?

    i do but 56k sucks!


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    Re:Rtcw anyone ?

    The latest version of RTCW comes with "Anti-lag" code which is supposed to even out the action between broadbanders and 56Kers. The results have been mixed I believe.

    Again, I formed an RTCW clan called Vox Populi which has been around almost a year now. We have two public servers, anyone here is welcome to come and spray some lead:

    v0x Brew Pub - IP#

    Casablanca - IP #

    We use them mostly for scrims and matches so they aren't often full, but feel free to drop by our irc channel on #v0x and our website

    Ok, I'll shut up with the shameless plug now.

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