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Thread: 47 soon to become 48

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    Re:47 soon to become 48

    [quote author=Compunuts link=board=22;threadid=4497;start=0#47141 date=1030412889]
    I thought there were be something like "I kiss my wife every night to get a new computer and/or I persuade my kids to cry it for me" or something similar ...... :P

    Now, it seems like you new box is at work and it appears that you kissed your boss??

    ;D heheheheeh ;D

    damn you are on to me... ya it is a work machine, but it is a laptop and i will be bringing it home.

    and you don't wanna know where i kissed my boss...

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    Re:47 soon to become 48

    [quote author=pbharris link=board=22;threadid=4497;start=0#47148 date=1030415237]
    and you don't wanna know where i kissed my boss...
    Ah, you know what? Been there, done that ... ;D


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