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Thread: audigy+redhat=satan

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    Do you have kernel headers installed too for 2.4.18-5? If not then please do this:

    mv /usr/include/linux old_linux_headers
    then do a
    ln -s ../src/linux/include/linux/ linux

    this make the system headers current with currnet kernel.

    then please start over... i know its a pain. linux rocks when it is all set up properly

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    well, i checked and didn't find anything that i thought was weird. but then again, i probably don't quite know what to look for here. i am quite new to linux.

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    how can i tell if i have the headers?

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    rpm -q glibc-kernheaders will tell ya

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    i've got a bunch of static now, but at least there's sound

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    okay, the static is because i'm using 5.1 speakers with the sub going thru the digital out, and the front and rear going thru spkr1 and spkr2...........when i turn off the digital out, i get no static. how do i configure this for my speakers?

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    i think, anyway. i only get the static when i put a cd into my dvd rom, not when i put it into my cdrw............otherwise, i get no sound

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    okay, ran sndconfig, now i get sound

    but, i still get a bunch of static on top of the sound

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    thanks a lot!!!!

    just disabled the digital out, sounds perfect now!!!


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    ah - you are playing a regular CD ? i would get the tools that are listed on source-forge, this is a very new card and i am sire the drivers are a bit buggy. if you haven't i would get the 19a drivers or even the cvs version.

    so, when you do a modprobe emu10k1 it does not return an error - right?

    ah - okay - i saw the post it works excellent!

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