Well im still working on my case from hell build. Meaning its been the worst build i have ever done in my life.

Anyhow I bought a cheap video card a SiS305

According to this page here:

There is no support for this particular card. I'd really like to use this card as the 4mb card i put back in is not good for me wih the flat panel becuz i keep picking up slight flickering and i have tried to tweak it till im blue in the face. any amount of flickering sends me to horrible headaches. If the os is running linux. Doesn't bother me as i can't see the flicker on the win2k box, but i prefer my linux box over windows.

Questions: how recent is that xf86config page?
Is there any work around this? to get the card supported?


Edit: oh ya to see my lastest troubles can read here.