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    After working with my company I finally realized how much I make a year at my job and it is a lame amount of money. I don't even break 20K a year So I got to find a new job.

    Most places require certification for jobs with computers. I have no certification. What certifications should I get? What is the cheapest way to get certified?

    Another question is about Oracle. I see a lot of jobs that require knowledge of Oracle. Is Oracle difficult?

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    What kind of computer work do you want? You could always start out in tech support / help desk. I'm sure that if you look, there are places willing to hire without certs or tech ed.

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    As much as I hate paper certificates, I think it's for better marketability and presentation rather than know-how.

    If you are to get certificates, start with Network+ or MCP which are obriously cheaper and easier to get. I hate to say this but you will never get away with Microsoft and related products so getting MCP is alot easier than say CCNA or Linux. If you do want to go Linux route, go for something like Sair Linux Certificate since they tend not to focus on one distribution ( like RHCE ) so it will be better transferable to whatever distribution you will be working with.

    A friend of mine just passed CCNA which he said was hard as hell but it may be well worth it since Cisco certs in great demand?? :-\ Unlike Microsoft's true/false tests, CCNA is mostly logic based.

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    If you are to get certificates, start with Network+ or MCP
    Exactly. I would go for the A+ first though. A+ will kind help you choose your path in certs, considering there are so many. Network+ is almost a must have. Also, if you want to stick with Linux go for the Linux+.

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    Definately go the M$, A+ route. Then, later on, work on the Cisco route. I don't think Linux Certs are worth much, since I have never seen job a posting asking for a RCHE or Linux+ cert. Though I could be wrong. I think if you don't know jack-shit about Linux, it will come out on your interview. If you want to do a *nix cert, go Solaris without a doubt. If you are a certified Solaris sysadmin, no one will question your competence on a RH or SuSE box.

    If you lived in NYC, I could probably interview you to work with me, as I may have a part-time opening on my staff soon. But, by the look of things, you are way out in sunny CA.

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    If you do alot of cabling as well as system level networking (building gateways, dns servers, blah blah) then definitely go the Netowrk+ route. Its hard as hell in a few areas. But well worth it. I got certified. Some was a breeze, but others was challenging.

    Its the MCSE of networking. You get forced to pick up the LAN cabling methods, how a data packet is generated, sent and processed at the other end (very handy in diagnosing where the packet is getting borked at).

    To me, go A+/N+ dpending on style, and then straight into whatever you want to administer. IF you are Novell nut, get the Novell certs. Likewise with Cisco, and Oracle, Microsoft, and RedHat. I am about to save up cash for the RedHat courses. I am going to want that RedHat cert for future endeavors.

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