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    Congrats Ender on getting married!! | Ender, i feel for ya buddy... if there's anything i can do to ease the pain
    lemme know -Ralinx | Linux gets you hot chicks. | Emergency! KK & agar plz pm SkyWolf when you are there. URGENT~ | When I find out,
    who put me up for an account on, they will experience a horrible death... (Since it's a russian mail order bride, I'm
    suspecting Lovechild but I have no evidence so far..)

    I swear but all that is holy, including my collection of C++ books, that it wasn't me - you can feed me in small pieces to Aline if I'm lying.

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    I belive you, from teh header in teh mail I think it's an obvius spam, the message ID has been added from one of the relays, and it dosn't orriginate from the sender.

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