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Thread: illegal bad man company

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    illegal bad man company

    Here's the deal. I worked my butt off developing a website for my company, it is not my primary job but something I did during my own time at home as a personal project. It is nothing special but now they use it for all of there remote sites to order parts through the main office (it is a web-based part order system). I got a pat on the back and a lousy cost of living raise when my annual review came up. >

    Needless to say I am a little bitter. To make matters worse I have expressed an interest in moving up in the company in some sort of technical career opportunity. And they got nothin, no opportunity, nada, zip. I have meet with several managers/bosses and they either can't or won't help me out after 4 years of my loyal service.

    Now I have discovered that the website I created for them is being hosted on a T1 line that really doesn't belong to them. The T1 feed comes into the building for another companies helpdesk (which we staff) internet access. But all of the equipment including the T1 line is paid for by this other company. I discovered this after inquiring as to why they were not registering a domain name for the website and only accessing it via ip address.

    Ok so basically I hate my company and want to get them in trouble and I want a new job. Any openings out there in the New Jersey area?

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    Re:illegal bad man company

    check out openings here in san diego - our
    economy is still strong

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