Ok everyone... I was sitting here jobless :'( the other day and really bored. So I started to think what I could do to my computers.

Currently I have one Dell Desktop 800 MGHz and one Compaq Laptop AMD K6-2 333. Hopefully when I get a job I will be able to get a couple more under my belt.

Anyway I was thinkning on ways I could network these 2, and I would love to go wireless... M$ on both of these machines but looking to get a linux router/firewall setup with more time and money. Oh and if/when I get this Linux Box setup will I still be able to access BattleNet for games inside the LAN?

How would people go about doing this? ie: what kind of hardware, software, things of that sort would you go with?

Just thought this might be a cool little situation to see what others would go with... Thanx