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Thread: What happened?

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    What happened?

    Can somebody please tell me what happened?

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    Re:What happened?

    I dropped a concrete block on my big toe, the one with the ingrown toenail!

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    Re:What happened?

    Your dog farted.

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    Re:What happened?

    [quote author=kavarogep link=board=17;threadid=4459;start=0#44529 date=1028511131]
    Can somebody please tell me what happened?

    You see, I mooned you. This effect is quite common amongst my victims. After a week, you will regain arm and leg movement. After another three days, you should show signs of being able to see again. But dont be fooled -- your vision will be permanently scarred. No amount of doctor's labor can repair that. You will also be plagued for life with horrid nightmares. You will also be tormented with the inablity to commit suicide.

    That is the curse of Schotty's Ass. Always referred to as "my ass...."

    As Tazz has said many times "You are just another victim!"

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    Re:What happened?

    got a phone call.... plenty of PC related work to keep me busy doing this last week of vacation.

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    Re:What happened?

    Just smoked a huge bowl, and will now retire to play my Dreamcast

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