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Thread: UPDATE!!!-I have to gloat-- UPDATE!!!

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    Re:UPDATE!!!-I have to gloat-- UPDATE!!!

    let me get this straight.

    You went to staples and showed them the ad from the link you gave us and they sold you the dvd player for $22.04?

    Now your saying you can get a mail in rebate for $20.00?

    So i reality you will only pay $2.04 for the dvd player?

    God damn i wish i needed a dvd player, i'm tempted to just buy it and hang on to it. ;D

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    Re:UPDATE!!!-I have to gloat-- UPDATE!!!

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    Re:UPDATE!!!-I have to gloat-- UPDATE!!!

    Ok, I tried doing this. Went to Staples, seems they will add that $20 rebate to the price, making it part of te price drop. Also, they will charge you the shipping price of the DVD-Rom.
    So, after the guy (who seemed a bit hostile) called the competing store to check on the availability of the drive, I had to pay $55 dolars, and would get $20 by mail. That is not too bad, but not the deal I expected. Luckily, their system decided to not read my ATM card, so I left without buying it. Oh well...

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    Re:UPDATE!!!-I have to gloat-- UPDATE!!!

    yeah, I looked at it closer, and its a staples rebate instead of a manufacturer rebate. The shpping charge I think, depends on who is checking you out as to whether or not they apply it.

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