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Thread: What does WineX require?

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    What does WineX require?

    I'm thinking about getting WineX from CVS but I don't have OpenGL set up. Will it still work alright if its not set up?


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    Re:What does WineX require?

    as far as i know - yes it will work without an opengl setup, you just can't run opengl games .. and for opengl you could install mesa [] ..

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    Re:What does WineX require?

    Ahh.. cool. I've been meaning to set up mesa, but after I finish getting the 2.4.19 kernel patch ;D

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    Re:What does WineX require?

    As far as I know, it will utilize whatever is on your system or revert to its own stuff. But IIRC, you do need some OpenGL implementation there. Whether it be Mesa or nVIDIA or whatever else is out there. I pay for it and just grab RPMs each time. I have had very little problems doing it that way. Good luck installing it! I love WineX, and hope they keep it up.

    Do take a look at the page though -- theres a Transgaming Store that appears to be doing more games like Kohan and such that will be available as Linux only (ala Loki style binaries). Kinda like a Sims port, but not just for Mandrake box sets -- for anyone with a credit card!

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