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Thread: Anyone from the UK?

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    Anyone from the UK?

    I sometimes get Linux Format (extreamly good Linux publication!) and this month a little card fell out. It is a 'scratch and play' type card ... so I decided to play it and apparently I won something. A lot of times these things are hoxes (at least in the US) so I wanted to see if it was any diffrent in the UK. Here is information on the card thing ...

    It says "Gauaranteed Payout, Rub the Magic Lamp"
    Pictures of TV's Cameras and laptop on the left.
    3 scratch off areas (2 small and one large).
    It is from Strike Lucky Games, Ltd.

    Just wondering :-P. It's open to UK residents only so I thought I might as well ask.

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    Re:Anyone from the UK?

    SpookyEddy, Otheos and Pam are all from the UK i believe.

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    Re:Anyone from the UK?

    Yes, I admit to being from the UK
    I have no idea if it's genuine (the Strike Lucky name rings a vague bell). These things are usually an invitation to buy stuff from mail order catalogues. Buy enough stuff and you can claim your "prize".
    Hmmm, I haven't checked out Linux Format in a long while, perhaps I should.

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    Re:Anyone from the UK?

    Upon reading the fine print it seems legit (which is supprising). It says that you can mail it in or call (and pay a lot ... no good!). It also says '3 matching symbols guarntees one of the rewards bellow: TV, Cinema System, Laptop, Camcorder.

    Anyone willing to pigyback it and see if anything good comes from it? It's worth a shot I guess :P.

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    Re:Anyone from the UK?


    I am from the uk, for my sins.

    Anyway... I usually just chuck most of that sort off stuff out as junk, but maybe I have been passing up the opertunity for untold amounts of free stuff



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    Re:Anyone from the UK?

    I think that scratchy thing is a scam, I got LinuxFormat last month to, and I won something as well.

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    Re:Anyone from the UK?

    [quote author=Ashcrow link=board=17;threadid=4444;start=0#44296 date=1028319301]
    It says "Gauaranteed Payout, Rub the Magic Lamp"

    That pretty much says it all.

    You know what they say - If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Sorry for the cliches. ;D Basically, they are doing this to make money, not to give away prizes so I wouldn't give two hoots about it and would chuck it in the bin (Or trash can or whatever)

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    Re:Anyone from the UK?

    [quote author=Lovechild link=board=17;threadid=4444;start=0#44376 date=1028369524]
    I think that scratchy thing is a scam, I got LinuxFormat last month to, and I won something as well.

    Ahh. Sad how companies use things like this to scam others out of money.


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